Rabbit on the run. Storyboard sketches of an experimental short.
Paper collage sketch. Possible PSA against child bullying.

It’s one of those nights… ( the ones when you can’t draw at all). Doodlin’ a rooster character for a personal short story/animation of mine about a kitchen ornament ( i.e. the rooster) feeling nostalgic about his days in a small artisan shop in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Still trying to work through his design and I started to be inspired by the famous decorative doors in Old San Juan , lanky yet decorative… I’m not sure if that’s what I’m going for with him yet. (Reference pictures included) 

sneak peek of one of my characters for my thesis…she just loves her tweets!  
Playing with typography using Cinema4d.

 A class assignment for my animation course titled “Mini golf madness”. Currently working on lighting and texturing my scene. 

I love Jen Stark and her work with paper and hence I started playing around in Cinema 4d. 

Some working shots of another set for a thesis concept. This one is called Burn-cycle and it is centered by a match having an existential crisis. 

Animation made by James Heredia and myself. Enjoy!